What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

You are probably wondering what does a dental assistant do exactly (if you’d like to find out what CNA’s do, check out this article). Well a dental assistant has a number of roles to provide to the office, the most important is to increase the efficiency of the entire dental procedure. This means a dental assistant must work closely alongside the dentist and help in whatever he/she needs. The typical responsibilities of a dental assistant will generally fall within the categories of clinical tasks and office management, typically requiring a balance of both. Clinical tasks can include anything ranging from sterilizing and preparing equipment to taking x-rays. On the other hand administrative tasks can include scheduling appointments and keeping records. Continue reading to learn what does a dental assistant do.

What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

Clinical tasks often require interpersonal interaction between patients and co-workers. This is where strong communication skills and good customer service pays off, so if you already have excellent social skills you haven’t a thing to worry about. In tasks like these you will want to be able to communicate with the staff effectively to provide a great experience for clients. On the other hand administrative duties usually calls for attention to detail, technical competence, and organization and management skills. This is where you will want to bring out the more observant side of you. In tasks such as these you will want to be as accurate as possible while working efficiently.

Generally responsibilities will include record keeping,┬ápreparing medications, taking x-rays,┬ásterilizing/preparing dental instruments, scheduling appointments, assisting the dentist with the procedure, and instructing patients and making them feel as comfortable as possible until the dentist is ready to begin. As you can see responsibilities such as these are extremely important to the workplace and help to provide a better customer experience while helping as many people as possible. However tasks can vary from state to state, which are reflected in a state’s dental regulations. So be sure to find out what your state allows you to do. You can even become an expanded functions dental assistant which allows you to do more and potentially earn more.

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