Registered Dental Assistant

How To Become Registered Dental Assistant

A registered dental assistant has a higher status than just a regular dental assistant. To be a registered dental assistant means that you are recognized as a qualified dental assistant in your state (often requiring completion of a CODA approved course from a community college, dental assistant school, or university) whereas a regular dental assistant often has no formal training. Not all states have a position of registered dental assistant so be sure to check your state’s requirements first. The job title of registered dental assistant can also vary from state to state, but will allow for different functions depending on where you reside. Some states even have registered dental assistant in extended functions which gives a DA expanded capabilities. California for example offers two different applications, one for registered status and one for registered with extended functions status.

So what benefits do you get from becoming registered? Being recognized as a dental assistant in your state allows for numerous advantages and will pay off in the long term.

First off, registered dental assistants are often trusted more by employers and have a better chance of getting hired. Qualified registered DAs have a leg up compared to dental assistants with no formal training. Being registered can be the difference between getting the job or preparing your resume yet again for another job application.

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Secondly, if you choose to move or circumstances call that you work elsewhere you will still be qualified in your state and can apply to any dental office. You will also still have the advantage over your less-educated competitors which means changing dental offices won’t be so difficult. In dentistry, more experience and qualifications equals a better dental assistant.

Third, registered dental assistants have more functions that they can do which means they are even more valuable to the office. This means that chances of staying hired are increased and salary is also typically higher.

So that’s what being a registered dental assistant is all about. But did you know certified dental assistants have even more benefits? You can learn more about it here.

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