Online Dental Assistant Programs

Online Dental Assistant Programs

Online dental assistant programs are great ways for students to learn all that is needed in the field of dental assisting (ie. skills and knowledge) as well as receiving a certificate or diploma. Obtaining a certificate or diploma should be a common goal for those wishing to become dental assistants for they improve the portfolio of the qualified candidate  as well as demonstrates proficiency and professionalism. A perk of online programs is that it beats the hassle of commuting to classes at DA schools when they can be easily taken with a click of a button in the comfort of your own home. They also provide students with flexibility and usually cost less than traditional schools. Generally, online programs can be completed within a year if you are a full time student, but may take up to two years if classes are taken part time. Accredited online dental assistant programs usually require 25 to 45 credit hours in length.

Finding the Right Dental Assistant Program

The most important part of finding online dental assistant programs is to find ones that are accredited, meaning they have been CODA-approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) as courses that demonstrate full understanding of what a dental assistant needs to know. Although there are many school campuses that offer accredited courses, there are relatively few that have embraced the capability of the online setting.

Schools such as Penn Foster Career SchoolMonroe Community College, and Southeast Community College offer online dental assistant programs. These are the most reliable CODA-accredited programs online and are worth paying a visit to if earning your certificate/diploma online if of interest to you.

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Classes that are common in online programs include pre-clinical dental assisting (history of the dental field and intro to methodology and techniques), basic clinical dental assisting practice (critical dental assisting skills and practical application of those skills), and dental assisting clinical experience (working with a professional dentist to apply skills). Learn more about dental assistant training here.

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