Dental Assistant Resume

Dental Assistant Resume

You already a dental assistant resume is important in the job search process, right? How else are you going to show that you are capable of working hard? Just like with any other job the main goal of your resume is to show your employer that you have the necessary skills, experience, qualifications, and knowledge to do the job well. Your dental assistant resume is going to be what makes the first impression for your employer so you want to be sure it is perfect and compelling enough that your best side will shine through. Luckily for you we provide all the information you need to know about designing your own personal resume so that you can start making heads turn.

**Before you start your dental assistant resume you are going to want a rough draft of all your personal details like work history, education, and professional experience. You are also going to want to research what your potential employer is looking for so you can mention it in your resume.**

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How to Write a Dental Assistant Resume

Your resume is going to be composed of several parts. They are as follows:

Contact information: The very top of your resume should have your name and any important contact information. This should include a working telephone number (either your home, cellular, or both), home address, and an email address you check regularly.

Objective: Some say listing an objective is optional but it is up to you. If you can stand out in this section then by all means include it. This is intended to describe the reason(s) you are applying to the dental office and how you can help benefit the facility. It can highlight your core strengths and goals although this can be added to a separate section. You could also state your aims and ambitions here.

Education/Qualifications: This section is pretty explanatory. You will want to list all the education you have received in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. List dental programs, schools/educational institutes and their location, dates of graduation, subject/s studied, and professional qualifications. Also mention whether you have certification or licensure.

Work Experience: Next up is all your work experience, also listed in reverse chronological order. You are going to want to write the names of offices, locations of previous jobs, phone numbers of employers, duration and dates of employment, and job duties you were in charge of. Outline the specific responsibilities you held.

Try to have your previous work experience related to the occupation of dental assistant. You will also want to distinguish yourself from the crowd by mentioning achievements or how you added value to your previous jobs. An example is demonstrating how you showed initiative to help improve the workplace. Try to use action verbs that show your talent and usefulness.

Skills: This section will also be very beneficial to your dental assistant resume. Skills such as computer proficiency or excellent customer service are invaluable to the dental office. If you don’t know much about computers take time to learn basic programs such as Microsoft Office, MS Word, Power Point, and especially Excel. You’ll see that they’ll pay off a lot in the future.

Achievements: This section gives you a lot of leeway in what you write down. You can add personal achievements that make you proud or things you did in your previous jobs that helped boost efficiency or resolved problems.

Strengths and Goals: If you did not add your strengths and goals to the objectives section or you withheld from adding an objectives section altogether then this will be the place to add it. You can let your potential employer know a little bit about your personality and ambitions here. Be honest in this section and showcase that you have the ability to do your job well.

Keywords: Keywords have to do more with what employers are looking for in a dental assistant resume and should always be included in order to focus on relevance for the position. Relevant keywords help identify whether applicants would be suitable candidates. Some examples include “mixing fillings,” “customer service,” and others that are listed in the job ad. Go over what the employer is looking for and sprinkle a few keywords throughout.

Below are some dental assistant resume examples. There are more online that you should spend time looking over. You can also learn how to write a killer resume here.

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dental assistant resume dental assistant resume


And below you can find dental assistant resume samples to use as guidance.

dental assistant resume template dental assistant resume template

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Dental Assistant Resume

  • Prepare a tailored resume for each employer
  • Be brief and concise; list your most important points and use powerful words
  • Use the past tense for previous occupations and present tense for current jobs
  • No grammar or spelling mistakes
  • Give a phone number and email you actually use
  • Printing your resume on high-quality paper and use simple, elegant fonts
  • List previous experiences that you can show proof of
  • Avoid using first person pronouns
  • Don’t lie or overstate your qualifications
  • Don’t use illegible or fancy fonts
  • Don’t rely on spell check; proofread manually
  • Avoid including personal information such as marital status, hobbies, and age
  • Including month and year is enough for dates, you don’t need the exact day

So apply for that dental assistant job and once you’ve scored an interview you can blow your competitors out of the water with these tips.