Dental Assistant Job Description

What duties are you going to expect as a dental assistant? Dental assistants are crucial to the office for they help increase the efficiency of the entire dental procedure. With that said there are numerous roles a dental assistant must fill in order to accomplish that. Dental assistant duties can vary by state but there are a handful of common tasks that most dental assistants perform. Most of them relate either to clinical or office tasks. Today we will take a look at the dental assistant job description.

Dental Assistant Job Description

A dental assistant has multiple tasks and skills to provide that can span anywhere from clinical to administrative tasks. Clinical tasks are often closely related to interpersonal interaction with patients and co-workers while administrative work requires more technical skill with computers and office management. There will often be a balance of both involved in daily routines, and most of the work will revolve around what the dentist needs help with the most. Part of the dental assistant job description is┬áto help make the office run more smoothly, and if all staff performs their respective duties then the office will be able to do that. Most offices have less than 100 employees so a dental assistant’s job is very important. Dental assistant duties revolve around helping the dentist provide a fast and effective treatment to patients, so dental assistants need to help with the details in order for the dentist to focus on the procedure. Some states require standards being met before allowing expanded functions, such as taking X-rays or working in the laboratory, so it really boils down to your state’s dental laws that dictates what you can do.

Common dental assistant duties that are part of the dental assistant job description include:

Clinical TasksAdministrative Tasks
  • Passing equipment to dentist and assisting during procedures
  • Seating patients in treatment rooms
  • Sterilizing and preparing instruments
  • Polishing crowns
  • X-rays and impressions
  • Providing instructions and educating patients
  • Taking blood pressure and pulse
  • Greeting, comforting, and introducing patients
  • Schedule appointments
  • Record keeping
  • Telephone management
  • Billing and ordering supplies
  • Managing patient records

To do the job well you will need to know how to:

  • Work efficiently with dental staff
  • Communicate effectively with patients and dental staff
  • Disinfect dental tools properly
  • Work with patients to provide a good experience
  • Explain dental hygiene and proper care of teeth
  • Stay focused during the dental procedure
  • Maintain attention to detail/listen to the dentist
  • Stay organized/manage the office

dental assistant job description