Certified Dental Assistant

Certified Dental Assistant

A certified dental assistant is a step up from a registered dental assistant although both are quite similar. Whereas a registered dental assistant is a recognized DA in their own state a certified dental assistant is nationally recognized. This means becoming certified yields the highest status for a DA and come with added benefits. Not only will you be recognized anywhere in the US you will also gain a higher salary and increased functions.

So how do you become a certified dental assistant? It’s quite simple if you are already registered in your state. This will also guide you through the process but we will provide a shortened version here.

Dental assistant certification requires an applicant to complete an exam proctored by the DANB but before you can apply for it you must complete a CODA approved course first, as required to become a registered dental assistants as well. The exam consists of 320 questions broken up into three sections. The test will last around 4 hours and you must score at least 400 out of a 100-900 scale in order to pass. Upon completion of the test you will become certified. The test will go over:

  • General Chairside Test – 120 questions
  • Radiation Health and Safety – 100 questions
  • Infection Control Test – 100 questions

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And that is all there is to it. Once you pass the exam you will be nationally recognized as a certified dental assistant and will receive all the advantages it offers. This includes higher salary, expanded functions, increased chances of getting hired, more trust from employers, and more experience in your respective field. Many dental organizations recommend that dental assistants strive for certification because of all the benefits it offers is invaluable compared to how easy it is to become certified. To learn more about dental assistant certification visit the official DANB website.