The Definitive Dental Assistant FAQ

The Definitive Dental Assistant FAQ

This is THE definitive dental assistant FAQ that is meant to help address the most frequently asked questions people have. If you are interested in dental assisting and want your questions answered as concisely as possible, you might want to browse this resource.

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Registered Dental Assistant

How To Become Registered Dental Assistant

A registered dental assistant has a higher status than just a regular dental assistant. To be a registered dental assistant means that you are recognized as a qualified dental assistant in your state (often requiring completion of a CODA approved course from a community college, dental assistant school, or university) whereas a regular dental assistant often has no formal training. Not all states have a position of registered dental assistant so be sure to check your state’s requirements first. The job title of registered dental assistant can also vary from state to state, but will allow for different functions depending on where you reside. Some states even have registered dental assistant in extended functions which gives a DA expanded capabilities. California for example offers two different applications, one for registered status and one for registered with extended functions status.

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